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Dolland Elementary School

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Dual Immersion Program

Dolland Elementary College Preparatory Dual Immersion Program

Dual Immersion Schools:



Two-way English/Spanish Immersion Program - This program gives native English and Spanish - speaking children the opportunity to become bilingual, bi-literate, and bi-cultural by the end of the 5th grade by learning in English and Spanish. Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Education Programs are designed to serve speakers of other languages and English speakers within the same classroom. The students are purposely mixed in the same educational environment to provide communicative and academic language development through an interactive and cross-cultural setting. Program participation begins in Kindergarten and continues through eighth grade.

Each school is considered a college preparatory school due to their focus on Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) schoolwide. Additionally, participation in an immersion program aligns with the state goal of increasing bilingualism and biliteracy so students are ready to compete in a Global California. Dual immersion students are on track to receive the California State Seal of Biliteracy, a prestigious award that shows demonstration of skills in two languages. Participation in immersion programs, AVID, and qualifying for the Seal of Biliteracy prepare students for success in college and beyond.


Program Goals

Students will develop high levels of proficiency in their first language and in a second language

Academic performance for all students will be at or above grade level within 3 to 5 years of enrollment.

All students will demonstrate positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors


Program Mission and Vision




We believe that through bilingualism and biliteracy the students in NLMUSD’s cohesive dual immersion program will develop high-levels of multicultural understanding and achieve academic excellence .

We believe that through bilingualism and biliteracy the students in NLMUSD’s cohesive dual immersion program will develop high-levels of multicultural understanding and achieve academic excellence .



Enrollment for these programs is open to both native English and native Spanish speakers who desire to learn a second language. Enrollment is based on a target balance of 50% English speaking students and 50% Spanish speaking students that provides both groups with positive language models throughout their instruction.


  • All of the students develop proficiency in both languages.
  • The English Language Learner (ELL) students learns through his or her native language as well as through English.
  • Native English speakers acquire a second language as they are taught academic content in an immersion environment.
  • All students add another language and culture.
  • Enhancement of the students' self-esteem and allows for cross-cultural understanding.

Program Goals

  • To develop high levels of communicative and academic second language proficiency
  • To maintain and develop primary language skills
  • To develop superior progress in all curricular areas
  • To develop understanding, positive attitudes and acceptance of oneself as well as the diversity of the languages and cultures represented in the community

Program Design

  • Kindergarten through 8th grade instructional program with certified bilingual teachers
  • Challenging curriculum in both languages
  • Balanced language literacy skills
  • Second language literacy skills
  • Academic content instruction
  • Peer interaction

Instructional Design

The instructional approaches for Dual Language Immersion Programs follow sound principles underlying bilingual and foreign language teaching methods. Learning is provided in an environment that allows students to engage in a meaningful environment and interact with one another. The needs of each language group includes: primary language development, second language acquisition, development of cognitive language and literacy skills, and the development of a positive self-image and cross-cultural understanding.

The curriculum in the program utilizes communication-based instruction, balanced literacy strategies and interactive participation.

Initially all students learn to read and write in Spanish. English literacy skills are added as students progress through the grade levels.


Grades and Language of Instruction


90% Spanish, 10% English

First Grade 

80% Spanish, 20% English

Second Grade

70% Spanish, 30% English

Third Grade

60 % Spanish, 40% English

Fourth Grade

50% Spanish, 50% English

Fifth Grade

50% Spanish, 50% English

Sixth – Eighth Grade

2 classes in Spanish, Daily

High School Biliteracy Path

– Coming soon!


Participating Schools

K-5thDolland Elememtary School

6-8thLos Alisos Middle School 



Students who participate in the Dual Immersion Program are eligible to receive recognition for their biliteracy skills at various times throughout their academic career. In 5th and 8th grade students may apply for the NLMUSD Pathway to Biliteracy Award. In 12th grade students may apply for the California State Seal of Biliteracy or the NLMUSD Bilingual Competency Award (Coming soon!).